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Throughout my life, I have owned dogs.  My first dog was given to me by my Dad when I was just 5 years old – Kim, a Jack Russell Terrier who lived until I was 22 years old!  My Dad used to have a farm in North Wales and I used to love spending time there with all the animals and I think that was when my passion for dogs was established.


After Kim, I became the very proud owner of George, the most beautiful Golden Retriever.  I could rarely go anywhere without someone stopping me in the street asking to stroke him as he was such a handsome dog.  My husband and I spent many happy years with him, taking him for long walks and on holiday to Cumbria and Northumberland.  Losing George was devastating and I came to the conclusion that my next dog would need a companion.

In 2008, my husband passed away and because my two boys were quite young, I decided a puppy would be a happy focus for us.  Ben, our Black Labrador x Golden Retriever means the world to us.  He came from a farm close to where my Dad used to live in North Wales and where me and the boys would go horse riding during the holidays. From day one, he has been a loyal companion who loves nothing more than being taken out for long walks, chasing a ball and diving into any water he can.


Within months of bringing Ben into our family, we were given another Golden Retriever called Zara from the same farm so I then had two dogs who became great friends.  Six months later, I started fostering for Rotherham Dog Rescue.  I was amazed and so pleased with how quickly the dogs were adopted and then one day, they brought me Bruno to foster, a Staffie X aged 18 months.  He walked through the baby gate and immediately forged a great relationship with my black Labrador. He is very loving and has formed a great bond with Ben following his every move on walks except when he jumps into water!  I couldn’t let him go and although I would then have 3 dogs, I knew it would work out fine.  They’ve now been together for 11 ½ years and are inseparable.  I still have 3 dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Being a dog owner is the most rewarding experience and I will always have dogs as part of my life.  I have 3 years’ experience of working in the veterinary industry leaving it finally to become a dog walker in August 2019. During the years, there have been times when I have had to struggle to find someone to look after my dogs, someone who I can trust and will give them the love and attention they deserve when I have been at work or away for a day.  I can provide that service for you.


Qualifications & Accreditations


Dog First Aid Certificate

CRB Checked

Veterinary animal handling

Fully Insured


Phone: 07443 482899

E-mail: info@workers-walkers.com


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